Friday, October 20, 2017

For the Love of Ballet.

For the Love of Ballet.

The graceful movements of a ballerina on pointe appears she is floating across the stage, with no effort at all.  
Those who love this art can visualize her instantly upon reading the last sentence. 

As in art, the work it takes to create such beauty is so much more than effortless. Every day in the art of mastering that effect,  involve hours of constant training to create the strength, involved to every muscle of her body, from the largest to the smallest striated one. She must master the ability of the most difficult meaning of self-discipline, in training her body to contort in ways to create the grace and beauty,  visualized in the dance.  Add the individual emotion and passion to match her movements, in telling of the story portrayed in the dance, and you have Art.  Just as a beautiful picture and a poem tell a story, so does the ballerina,  in using her body and emotions, that leave millions in awe and amazement, that can only be inspired by art.

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