Thursday, November 9, 2017


Let's have a discussion about Amulets.  First, what is an amulet?  According to one dictionary found in Google search, an amulet is, "An ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease,"  Some think of them as good luck charms. Amulets were used in ancient history and exist to this day.  So, what are some of your thoughts?  Are there some out there willing to give their opinion of amulets?  For myself, I don't use them, but I do agree that some of them are rather pretty. The ones used on my site are made of different colored stones, that come with a black cord, to wear around one's neck.  These amulets, are said to give positive powers such as good luck, fertility, clarity, confidence, hope, and the list continues.  So in some respect. one could say, if a good luck amulet is worn, that person would be protected against bad luck.  It is easy to turn it around to say, the good luck amulet brings good luck.   Which is it, or is it both?   I find myself torn, on whether to have them on my site. Why? Well because I do not believe in them.  However, I do respect the right of others to believe in them, and who am I to say they do not work.  Maybe, those who believe, have such a strong belief, let's say with confidence, but do not believe they would have confidence without a beautiful stone to say that they are confident, therefore, is it wrong to use an object to have the courage to possess a good attribute, they do not feel they can develop on their own?  To build a following we make accessible, things that others want or need. Therefore, because I have many friends who believe in the Amulets mystical powers, I have them available.  But, I ask myself, am I promoting something I do not believe in, to profit?   Or, am I simply providing an item that many believe in and want?  I am in deep need to have feedback from both sides. Do I ignore my beliefs to benefit others, or abide by my beliefs and remove them from my site?   I ask you then, to respond to my dilemma here, I do not judge, people for their beliefs and no one who responds with their opinion will be judged. Eagerly, I wait to hear others thoughts and opinions, please share.

Success Amulet

Serenity Amulet

Recovery Amulet
Seduction Amulet