Thursday, February 8, 2018

What Now?

Do you, ever wonder what now?  You, pay a great deal of money and work your, ass off, where does that get you?  Your pour green out and out and out.  While your bank account goes red and your credit cards are maxed out.  You pour sweat and tears as you work to understand, with little support, just how to be on Google page, let alone on the first page.  But, you're not built to give up, pause a while, yes, but never give up.  Sometimes your pause is longer than you, would like. But, again you pick yourself, up out of the gutter and start again.  I don't know if anyone one can relate, but I chose a very hard product to market.  I have been told, by the so-called best in Marketing, that the metals are in, especially for the Millennium age folks, and maybe a handful of what is left of the baby boomers, like me.  So I chose Bronze figurines and other media figurines, and somehow, my site has become a mish-mash, of home decor and even Amulet pendants. 
Can anyone out there relate to this kind of thing?   I am proud of my website, I put much work into it, and still have much more work to put in.  You know, unless your lucky, smarter, or had a better mentor, it is hard to find the right thing to sell.  So what do you do?  well, I don't know about you, but I change and rearrange, and scour my suppliers to find, products to match my site, while still trying to remember, how to optimize correctly.  Once I got an idea that went nowhere and a hard lecture on venturing out.  And, I created, all by myself from scratch, another website.  I was so siked.  Wow, I thought, I am actually doing this with another product and went astray building, what I thought was cool for us small group of still surviving Baby Boomers, and brought to life   I mean who wouldn't think that the old rock band tees and other items wouldn't appeal to us boomers. Then guess what, not only did the tongue lashing humiliate, but I had forgotten one, really big thing.  I HAVEN"T BEEN PROPERLY TRAINED ON MARKETING!  And, there you, are off track with a pretty good site, I think so, anyway, floating somewhere out in space.  Any other new Entrepreneur, been as foolish as this, I hope so for my sake and pride, but, hope not for your sake.  Although, really, I am trying to find anyone or ones that can relate. Oh and that's not the end.I ventured out on some really big scams.  The ones that promise to make you rich overnight, while you, sleep.  Now really, I did have to lecture my own self on this one.  When I asked myself have you become so dim-witted and foolish.  Then, I realized, I was desperate.  So long story made short, out of the gutter I come, and back to business I go.
in closing, anyone out there like Bronze and other multi-alloy figurines? God, I hope so.

Beach lady-copper   Couple on Swing     Bronze figurine Eagle/Flag

Bronze ballerina music and dance figurine with the green skirt.             Jazz Guitar Player              Roman Soldier w/horse wagon-pewter

Thanks for reading.